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Monoprice Cable Tray Organizer

Our monoprice cable tray organizer is a great way to keep your cables organized and organized. The black isirlng it to your style is perfect. This cable organizer is perfect for the home or office and is perfect for holding cable racks, cabling, and other necessary supplies.

Cheap Monoprice Cable Tray Organizer

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Top 10 Monoprice Cable Tray Organizer

This cable tray organizer is perfect for using under desk cables as a potential for hiding away end of cable projects. The built-in power strip and adapter organizer make it easy to unpack and store currently without having to go through a cable store. The cable tray also has a built-in catch and hangs fixed, so it doesn't move. this under desk cable management tray is perfect for holding cabling in and out of your desk. The tray also has a place to degree out the cabling to avoid bunching and managing cabling between devices. 0 version. This makes it more versatile for modern applications where space is a critical issue. monoprice cable tray organizer is perfect for keeping cable boxes out of your way - this tray is made of sturdy plastic and comes in black to match any desk. It's also adjustable to fit any cable tray size, so you can keep your work or home office organized. This tray is perfect for anyone looking for an easy and efficient way to keep their cable boxes out of the way of other students, work or home. The cable tray can also be used as a place to store cables, 5" disks, and other items when you're not using them. The organizer has built in power supply and wire management for added efficiency. It is available in black and gray and isconfigured to fit any desk size.