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Magnus Organ

This is a great opportunity for a ecommerce store that specializes in vintage magnus model jewel tabletop electric chord organ. This beautiful piece of equipment was originally designed for the performing arts and can be used to playing music, singine or even play games.

Magnus Electric Chord Organ

Magnus electric chord organ is an amazing piece of equipment that can be used to generate chord airs and melodies. The organ sounds great in any setting and is very easy to use. The magnus action is great for hard to hold chords and the electric cord makes it easy to use in any room. if you are looking for an amazing piece of equipment that can help you create melodies and chord airs, then look no further than the magnus electric chord organ.

Magnus Chord Organ

Themagnuschord organ is a vintage-style electric fan chord organ that was created in the usa. It features a black finish and is made of musical chord organ material. The organ can play either flute or staff music, and can be set to play any type of chord. It is tested and makes use of, among other things, the ability to play classic electric fans such as "flugelhorn" and "coronet. " magnus electric chord organ is a vintage 1960s model that tested works. This organ can produce beautiful, high quality music with its powerful electromagnets. the vintage portable organ is a great choice for anyone looking for an interesting and unique music box type of organ. The organ is easy to operate with a magus action, and can belisher 669l. It is made in the usa and comes with a variety of features including a tremolo bar, pre-amplifiers, and a voices plus voice recognition system. the 1950smagnus organ keyboard is a electric organ that was designed in 1950 by edward condon. It was first produced in 1952 and sold in europe in 1953. The magnus organ was introduced in france in 1955 and was marketable there until the early 1970s.